Raboso Storico

Rabosi – Historical

Raboso Storico Bonotto

Raboso has characterized area of the river Piave for thousands of years. Defined by some as angry, perhaps because of its rich dark color, unusual strength and tartness; Raboso tastes of lean earth, the stony foreshore of the Grave del Piave, and wild cherries in untamed scrub.


Raboso Piave

Production area

Rai di San Polo di Piave (TV)


The grape is harvested late in the season, towards the end of October, in order to ensure a slight over-ripening in the plant. Fermentation takes place with maceration at a controlled temperature. The grape mash remains in contact with the skins until January. It is produced following eighteenth-century knowledge without the addition of sulfites and clarifiers, with 100% Raboso grapes


The wine is then placed in French oak barrels where it is aged for a minimum of 12 months

Sensory notes

Color: very intense ruby red, almost impenetrable, with garnet nuances

Bouquet: complex, elegant, very intense and art iculated; hints of red fruit, plum, ripe fruit

Taste: full, voluminous, well-structured. The aftertaste is long and full, with very intense spicy final not es. Quite simply, delicious


This classic Raboso with its rustic tradition, goes particularly well with hearty meats and sausage s and is made be to enjoyed liberally. Just don’t drive

Serving temperature

16 – 18 °C

Alcohol content