Pinot Grigio D.O.C.

White – A story of tradition

Pinot Grigio Bonotto

The term “pinot” seems to derive from “cone”, and more specifically “small cone”, meaning both the modest size of the bunch, and the characteristic of having the berries thick, appressed, just like the scales of a cone. Vinified in white, i.e. without skins, it has a straw yellow color. The clean and intense aroma and the dry taste with a pleasant hint of apple, make it a wine of great character and versatility.


Pinot Grigio

Production area

Rai di San Polo di Piave (TV)

Harvest period

Early September


Vinification takes place in white, with separation from the skins

Sensory notes

Color: straw yellow

Bouquet: elegant, broad and complex; hints of fruit such as peach and apricot

Taste: round and velvety, well-balanced; in the finish, it recalls the scent of fresh fruit


Excellent with all types of fish, risottos and fresh cheeses

Serving temperature

12 – 14 °C

Alcohol content