Red – Excellence

Merlot Bonotto

This classic variety, especially famous in the area of Bordeaux, for the “Bordeaux cut”, in Italy is almost vinified in purity. Considered one of the most important wines in the world, this particular interpretation of Merlot Trevigiano is distinguished by the particular structure resulting from the drying and the valuable complexity conferred by the aging in wood.



Production area

Rai di San Polo di Piave (TV)


Harvesting takes place in mid-September. The grapes, collected in small crates, are left to dry for about a month at controlled temperature
and humidity. Fermentation takes place with maceration at a controlled temperature for 10 days


The wine is placed in French oak barrels and aged for 8-10 months

Sensory notes

Color: intense ruby red, almost opaque, with garnet reflections

Bouquet: complex, elegant, very intense and articulated; hints of red fruit, plum, ripe fruit

Taste: full, voluminous, well-structured. The flavor is long and full, with very intense spicy final not es. Simply good


Red meat, roasts, feathered game, semi-aged (medium) and aged cheeses

Serving temperature

16 – 18 °C

Alcohol content