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Rabosi – Historical

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Iconic wine of the Piave viticultural zone, distinguished by the perfect balance between technique applied to tradition, and the constant desire for innovation without betraying the product hi- storic roots. The Raboso Piave, known for its tartness, roughness even, is somewhat tamed in this version by drying the grapes in dedicated drying rooms.


Raboso Piave

Production area

Rai di San Polo di Piave (TV)

Type of terrain

Alluvial soil, formed by the sedimentation of clay fragments carried over the centuries by the river Piave

Harvest period

The grapes to be dried are harvested towards the end of October, while the fresh grapes are picked in the first ten days of November


The grapes are kept scrupulously separate in the two different phases. After destemming, the fresh grapes are macerated for 10-12 days in contact with the skins. The grapes to be dried remain for 45 days in the drying rooms before being made into wine (the regulations provide for the blending of the dried grapes in a percentage ranging from a minimum of 15% to a maximum of 30%)


The wine matures for a few months in tonneaux and French oak barrels. After bottling, the wine matures in the cellar for another 4 months

Sensory notes

Color: very intense ruby red, with garnet highlights, almost impenetrable

Bouquet: layered bouquet with hints of cherry jam, blackberry, blueberry, and dark chocolate

Taste: strong taste, remarkable tannin texture, long fruity persistence on the palate


Perfect with game, grilled meats and mature cheeses

Serving temperature

16 – 18 °C

Alcohol content