Cabernet Franc

Red – Excellence

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The Cabernet Franc vine is probably of Illyrian origin and ancestor of the most famous Cabernet Sauvignon, born in the Middle Ages from a spontaneous cross with Sauvignon Blanc. A frank wine with a clean, unmistakably herbaceous aroma and notes of black pepper. A wine with a strong personality, the taste reveals itself as crisp, full-bodied and with a long taste-nose persistence.


Cabernet Franc

Production area

Rai di San Polo di Piave (TV)

Harvest period

End of September


Vinification in red with maceration of the grapes for 8-10 days

Sensory notes

Color: intense ruby red, almost opaque

Bouquet: wide, elegant, of great complexity with very intense herbaceous sensations, slightly earthy

Taste: soft, voluminous, well-structured, with dense, round tannins; long, persistent flavor with very intense spicy sensations


Red meat, roasts, feathered game, aged (long) and semi-aged cheeses

Serving temperature

16 – 18 °C

Alcohol content